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Appealing an Industrial Workers’ Compensation Claim

If you suffer an injury that leaves you unable to work and earn your normal wage, you’ll need some sort of compensation to cover your medical costs and daily expenses. Industrial workers have a higher risk of injury than most other workers, which is why Colorado’s workers’ compensation laws cover most industrial injuries. Still, if your compensation isn’t enough, you may need to have a
Denver workers’ compensation lawyer help you file an appeal.

Workers Compensation Appeals in Denver

Common Industrial Injuries

There are numerous ways you could suffer an injury while working in an industrial environment. A hazardous chemical spill could cause burns or poison your lungs, excess exposure to radiation could make you sick, or crucial machinery could malfunction. Whether it’s a chemical burn or a broken bone, you are entitled to workers’ compensation if you suffer an injury at work.

Reasons to Appeal a Claim

Every situation has its own set of complexities, and there are several circumstances under which benefits may be withheld. If you suffer an injury but your employer denies being at fault, you may not receive workers’ compensation at all. Alternatively, a medical professional appointed by your employer’s insurance company may not assign a high enough impairment rating. If you are unsatisfied with your compensation in any way, you may appeal the claim.

Industrial Claim Appeals Panel

Compensation appeals go through the Industrial Claim Appeals Office, which is a part of the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment. After compensation has been denied by an administrative law judge, the claim may go to the Industrial Claim Appeals Panel, where at least two of five panel members will give a final order.

How an Attorney Can Help

The appeals process can be very difficult for a layperson to navigate. To increase your chances of a successful appeal, it’s important that you hire an attorney from The Bendinelli Law Firm. If your claim is still denied by the Industrial Claim Appeals Panel, a workers’ compensation attorney can represent your interests in the Colorado Court of Appeals.

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