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How to Find an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer

If you become injured as a result of someone else’s negligence—whether it’s at work or at the supermarket—you should strongly consider hiring the services of a skilled personal injury lawyer. A personal injury lawyer can help you navigate the personal injury claim process and increase your chances of obtaining the compensation you need for a comfortable recovery. However, it can difficult to know which
Denver personal injury attorney to hire. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Examine Lawyer Credentials

As you’re doing your research, you should determine how long each lawyer has been practicing in Colorado and check to see which organizations they’re affiliated with. For example, The Bendinelli Law Firm has been serving the Denver area for over 15 years, during which time we’ve represented Denver Personal Injury Lawyerthousands of individuals looking for compensation through personal injury claims or workers’ comp. We also have an A+ rating with the Denver Boulder Better Business Bureau and we’re proud members of the American Association for Justice and the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association.

Consider Client Testimony

A list of affiliations is nice, but it shouldn’t be the only criteria you consider when looking for a reliable personal injury attorney. It also helps to read testimony from past satisfied customers. That way, you’ll have a better idea of how the personal injury has performed in the past. The Bendinelli Law Firm has plenty of glowing reviews from Denver-area clients; we did a good job for them, and we’ll do a good job for you, too.

Ask for a Meeting

It also helps to meet with a personal injury attorney face to face. Most personal injury attorneys offer a free consultation, during which you can explain your circumstances and get to know the lawyer you’re thinking of working with. During your initial consultation with The Bendinelli Law Firm, you’ll quickly get a good idea of our personal injury and workers’ compensation expertise. By the time you leave our office, you’ll know your case is in good hands.

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