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Attorneys for Disability Workers’ Compensation Serving Denver

Disability Counsel in Denver

Under Colorado law, disability following a workplace injury may be classified as temporary or permanent, as well as total or partial. Colorado law also provides important guidance with regard to the amount of compensation an employee should expect depending upon the classification and severity of the claim.

Your Denver workers’ compensation attorney can thoroughly explain certain benefits available for more severe injuries, including dismemberment or permanent total disability. An applicant for benefits must also consider the following:

  • The effect of previous workplace injuries on the calculation of current benefits
  • How medical impairment benefits are determined
  • Procedures for selecting an independent medical examiner
  • Additional payments for disfigurement or subsequent injuries
  • Whether the employee’s actions contributed to the injury, thereby reducing the compensation by as much as 50 percent

If any of the above information results in questions or uncertainty, the best course of action is to contact a Denver workers’ compensation lawyer from our firm as soon as possible. The Bendinelli Law Firm can help prepare and defend your total or partial disability claim.

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