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Attorneys for Healthcare Workers in Denver

Doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals have the noble task of healing ill and injured individuals; it’s only right that healthcare workers be taken care of when they themselves suffer injury or illness. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, over 650,000 healthcare workers suffered an illness or injury in 2010—the most of any U.S. industry sector. If you work in the healthcare industry and suffer an injury on the job, consider working with the Denver workers’ comp lawyers at The Bendinelli Law Firm.

Common Workplace Risks

Healthcare workers are exposed to a wide range of hazards, including harmful chemicals and biohazards. No amount of training can prevent all work-related injuries. These types of injuries may be difficult to prove, but it may be easier with an experienced work comp attorney.

  • Viral or Bacterial Infection: Doctors and nurses work with sick people all day. Though hospitals are usually very clean, many medical professionals may come down with their patients’ serious illnesses.
  • Ergonomic Hazards: Healthcare personnel may suffer injuries as a result of lifting heavy objects or working in an awkward position. Some individuals suffer injuries inflicted by hostile patients.
  • Chemicals and Radiation: The average healthcare facility has plenty of chemicals that can cause harm. Radiation from x-rays and other imaging machines can also compromise a worker’s health.

What to Do After Your Injury

If you suffer a life-threatening injury, seek care immediately. If you suffer a relatively minor injury, notify your employer before seeking care. Colorado law requires that you inform your employer of your injury within four days of your injury. Even if you receive care at your place of work, it’s still a good idea to submit a write up of the incident and detail the nature of your injury. Since you work at a medical facility, it shouldn’t be difficult to keep track of your medical documentation.

How an Attorney Can Help

If everything proceeds as it should, you will be compensated for your medical bills and lost wages. If your initial workers’ compensation claim is denied, you may need to contact a Denver workers’ compensation attorney. A workers’ comp lawyer can help you determine whether your claim was denied because your employer’s insurance company didn’t have enough information or because they were trying to take advantage of you. Either way, a good lawyer can use his expertise to help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

The Bendinelli Law Firm is proud to represent Denver’s hard-working employees. If you’ve been injured on the job and suspect that you haven’t gotten the appropriate amount of compensation, schedule an free consultation with one of our work injury attorneys. We’ll help resolve your workers’ comp dispute quickly and professionally.